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Welcome to Vine & Branches Catholic

My Italian heritage and the date March 21 has always been special to me. On March 21, 1921 my grandmother was born to a sweet Italian couple from Sicily, Italy. She was five out of nine children. My grandma will always hold a dear place in my heart. She taught me so much. Some of my fondest memories of her are learning to make pasta, our long conversations, and most dear to me was sitting beside her in church on Sundays. Thus today, March 21, 2021 my Italian Grandmother would have been 100 years old. 

To mark this commemorative day of her 100th Birthday, Vine & Branches Catholic is debuting Vine & Branches Exclusive

I have several art prints from Italy with the Our Father and Hail Mary Prayer in the beautiful Italian language. 

I want to thank my grandmother who taught me about life, love, and most importantly faith! Happy 100th Birthday in Heaven!!               

Love, Rosemary 

Vine & Branches is excited to provide personal devotionals, sacramentals, and gifts for your family & friends. I'm extremely grateful to have the opportunity to support certain monasteries & religious communities.